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Coolair Evaporative Cooling

Coolair Rooftop CabinetWhen the heat's on, your family can relax and enjoy low cost, whole of home Coolair ducted evaporative air conditioning.

Coolair has been cooling Australians for over 30 years. Coolair provides low cost, high performance evaporative air conditioning that's built to last.

Natural cooling

Coolair® evaporative air conditioning is wonderfully simple – which is why it works so well. Basically, hot outside air is drawn through a water saturated Chillcel® filter.

The evaporation process removes heat and produces a large continuous stream of comfortably cool, clean, fresh air… nothing could be more natural.

Air within your home is cooled and completely replaced every few minutes - so it is always Coolair® fresh.

Coolair® also prevents unwanted airborne dust and pollen from entering your home, making it gentler on the eyes, nose and skin. That’s why Coolair® ducted air conditioning is just like a breath of cool, fresh air in your home. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, have a busy family, or just prefer the pleasures of indoor-outdoor living, then there is no better choice than Coolair® ducted evaporative air conditioning.

Value for money in home cooling!

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Breezair Evaporative Cooling

Cooler. Fresher. Quieter.

hushpowerfan_breezairRevolutionary Hushpower fan and motor technology makes Breezair the world's best!


Your home deserves the finest ducted evaporative air conditioning available.

So it makes good sense to choose the revolutionary Breezair Icon - the world’s quietest and most efficient ducted evaporative air conditioning system.

The technology built into Breezair is the best in the world and your guarantee of the ultimate in comfort, economy and cooling power. Install Breezair... it’s the name you can trust.

Nothing cools as quietly

The thing you immediately notice about the world class Breezair Icon series is how wonderfully cool it makes your home feel, and how quietly it operates – it’s incredibly quiet.

In fact nothing comes close to the unobtrusive cooling power of the Breezair Icon series. It’s all thanks to the superior design of Breezair’s ground-breaking centrifugal fan and Hushpower motor, a global revolution in air conditioning engineering.

Old-fashioned axial fan systems are noisy because they spin like helicopter blades. This creates air turbulence, increased noise levels, less airflow and, therefore, reduced cooling.

Superior design, better comfort

But the Breezair Hushpower motor and centrifugal fan combination is better designed, better built and simply does the job a whole lot better as it pushes a strong, even flow of fresh, cool air to all corners of your home.

Internationally acclaimed as the world’s quietest and most innovative fan system, Icon’s whisper-quiet operation is remarkable. Even when Icon is running at peak output there’s barely a sound inside or outside your home - so not only will you love the way Icon quietly cools, your neighbours will too!

The name to trust

For over thirty years Breezair has been globally acknowledged as the leader in evaporative air conditioning technology – technology that Breezair exports around the world and expertise you can rely upon to quietly cool your home through even the harshest Australian summer.

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Braemar Evaporative Cooling

Braemar brings comfort to your whole home

Braemar's evaporative coolers offer many advantages.

One of the most impressive is that they cool entire homes without zoning. During a heat wave, you’re not confined only to parts of your home as you may be with some refrigerated systems.

With Braemar, it’s cool in every room of the house, day and night. Family life just carries on as normal, no matter how hot it gets outside. Everyone can play byday and sleep at night in cool comfort.

Braemar has an incredible list of benefits...

icon-check-blue Tornado® pump icon-check-blue Free flow water distributor
icon-check-blue Chillcel® pads icon-check-blue AutoWintersealTM
icon-check-blue Automatic drain valve icon-check-blue Stealth® fan
icon-check-blue WaterManagerTM system icon-check-blue Totally enclosed Tropic proof motor


Evaporative cooling uses up to 80 percent less electricity than comparable refrigerated units. By choosing Braemar you are making the right choice to reduce energy consumption in your home.

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